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Cottage Buttons Top


Rose, White, Grey

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

As you skip down the street to the patisserie, your flock of friends fawn over your new top. After pausing for a leisurely cup of tea, pull your favourite cardigan, grab along your clutch, and continue on to whatever spot your skinny jeans and flat booties take you next!

Featuring non-functional buttons, cuff sleeves, elastic band underbust

Made of Cotton

Our Picks  Sheila in Grey, Rose

Measurements: 17.5″ – 18.5″ Across, 21.5″ Down


Polka it on Shirtdress


Size S – Size L

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

Whether you’ve got a sweetie or you’re loving your single life, you will find ways to feel special! Feel the tug of love on your heartstrings when you wear this sweet, dotted dress on a day filled with your favorite things! Be it meeting your favourite girlfriends for desserts or a casual date with your other half, you’ll sure feel the joy throughout the day!

Featuring functional frontal buttons, two functional pockets, crochet trimmings at collar and pockets

Made of Denim


Size S: 16″ – 16.5″ Across, 17″ – 17.5″ Hips, 32″ Down

Size M: 17″ – 17.5″ Across, 18″ – 18.5″ Hips, 32.5″ Down

Size L: 18″ – 18.5″ Across, 19″ – 19.5″ Hips, 33″ Down

Merry in the Morning Skirt


Sweet Pink, Sunshine

Size S, Size M

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

Whether you’re still in school or graduated from the academic life already, you can always look collegiate cute when you wear this wooly, warm skirt! Boasting prim box pleats and a lovely candy hue, this bold bottom will keep your style scoring all As. Pair it with a collared blouse, oxford booties together with your favourite messenger bag and let your peers admire how you mix it up with a dash of delight!

Featuring elastic banding at back, hook and zip closure

Made of Cotton

Our Picks  Sheila in Sweet Pink, Sunshine


Size S: 12″ – 16″ Across. 17.5″ Down.

Size M: 13″ – 17″ Across, 17.5″ Down


Lacework Shift Dress


Cream, Teal, Coral

Size S, Size M

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

Clad in this dainty number, you gaze across the table at your sweetheart, the candlelight flickering softly around you. Crafted in a classic A-line silhouette, this romantic dress features a lace panelled bodice down the front, contrast skirting. With blush pink heels upon your feet, a gold cuff bracelet on your arm, and a chic up-do, you’ve crafted an elegant ensemble sure to capture not only your heart, but the heart of your beloved as well.

Featuring hidden side zip

Our Picks  Sheila in Cream, Teal, Coral


Size S: 16.5″ – 17″ Across, 32″ Down

Size M: 17.5″ – 18″ Across, 33″ Down


Applique Butterfly Dress


Fuchsia, Sunshine, Navy, Emerald

Size S, Size M

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

You’re usually a poised and easygoing gal, so you didn’t expect to be so thrilled by this vintage-inspired, lace-detailed shift dress. You found yourself enamored, smiling gleefully at this sleeveless dress’ butterfly like lace-crocheted detail collar. You became completely spellbound when you played with suede textured clutch, a wrap bracelet and teal ballet flats, and an elongated cardigan. Now it’s time to sport your exciting ensemble, and wow everyone else with your captivating style!

Featuring keyhole back closure, hidden side zip

Made of Quality Chiffon. Fully-lined.

Our Picks  Sheila in Sunshine, Fuchsia, Emerald, Navy


Size S: 17″ – 17.5″ Across, 18″ – 19″ Hips, 33″ Down

Size M: 18″ – 18.5″ Across, 19″ – 20″ Hips, 34″ Down


Classic Swift Dress


Taupe, Navy, Mint, Emerald

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

You waited and waited to find a versatile dress that you could throw on in any situation, and once you spotted this close to perfection one, you basically held your breath till it arrived. Settling its fitted waist on your figure, you choose a vintage hair-on-hide belt, your worn-in cowgirl boots, and a striped scarf to use as a headband, and it’s in this amazing outfit that you realize it’ll be a struggle not to just style this dress every single day!

Featuring elastic band at back and sleeves, slightly puffed sleeves, functional frontal buttons

Made of Cotton-Polyester Blend. Fully-lined.

Our Picks  Sheila in Mint, Taupe

Measurements: 17″ – 17.5″ Across, 12″ – 15″ Waist, 33″ Down, 14.5″ Sleeves


Stardust on My Collar


White, Black, Sunkist

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

If chic style is what you seek, look no further than this chiffon blouse. Crafted of silky chiffon, this features a gold sequin collar that adds glamour to your entire outfit. Tuck it into a pair of suede textured shorts, black slip-on loafers, and feather earrings, this billowing top will be a sight to behold.

Featuring keyhole back closure

Made of Chiffon. Fully-lined.

Our Picks  Sheila in Sunkist, White, Black

Measurements: 17″ – 18.5″ Across, 26′ Down


Tier Hem Basic Mini


Electric Blue, Brick Red, Black

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

A must-have this summer, this dress is bound to have you reaching for it in the wardrobe over and over again. Do fashion your way and play with proportions by balancing out this dress with a belt cinched at high waist, or by matching it with a multi-strand necklace to complete the look!

Featuring elastic waistband and tier at hem.

Made of jersey cotton.

Our Picks  Sheila in Electric Blue, Brick Red, Black

Measurements: 16″ – 19″ Across, 33″ Down


Styling Nine to Five Blazer


Black, White

Size S – Size L

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

Whether you’re in your corner office, calling the shots on the latest campaign, or meeting with potential partners for a working lunch, you’re sure to look chic and in-command when you don on this blazer. Its simplicity and monochrome shades, along with its contrast colour roll up cuffs, add an effortless level of chic to your favorite denim or striped ensembles. Each time you glance at your rolled, white cotton cuffs, you remember to take a deep breath and enjoy the moment – no matter how busy life may be!

Featuring single button closure, contrast roll up sleeves, two functional pockets

Made of Polyester-Linen Blend. Slight Stretch

Our picks  Sheila in Black, White


Size S: 16″ – 16.5″ Across, 23″ Down, 22.5″ Sleeves, 14.75″ Shoulder

Size M: 17″ – 17.5″ Across, 23.5″ Down, 23″ Sleeves, 15.5″ Shoulder

Size L: 18″ – 18.5″ Across, 24″ Down, 23.5″ Sleeves, 16.25″ Shoulder


Best of Both Tribal Midi


White, Black, Brown

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

Ensure your fashion legacy is a lasting one by donning this stare-worthy midi dress with a bunch of retro-inspired baubles, and medallion-tipped flats, and let your lovely image linger in the minds of everyone you pass. Whether you wear it for a casual dinner party or sport it at your next shopping trip with friends, this pretty piece will make its mark and establish you as the reigning stylista on the local scene.

Featuring anti-slip at bust, elastic band at back of bust and waist, hidden side zip

Made of Chiffon. Fully-lined.

Our Picks  Sheila in Black, White

Measurements: 13.5″ – 18″ Across, 36″ Down


Button Front Ribbed Tank


Teal, Bittersweet, Black, Grey

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

You have been waiting for this top, we know that! You surely will adore it for the sunshine girl look it hugs you with! We simply cannot resist how the satin trimmings add a touch of identity to the otherwise ordinary top. This tanktop is bound to attract an onslaught of girls who are avid outdoor fans we assure! You may even choose to pair it with a black skirt for a semi-formal look. Now, fashion is all about creativity!

Featuring functional buttons at front

Made of stretchable ribbed cotton.

Our Picks  Sheila in Teal, Bittersweet, Black, Grey

Measurements: 13″ – 17″ Across, 23″ Down


Shapes for Thought Necklace


Just as you’re finishing today’s outfit – a scoop-back tee tucked into a polka-dotted pencil skirt worn with wowing wedges – you get a great idea! You realize that by adding this glittering gem of a necklace to your look, you’re sure to increase your ensemble’s stylishness drastically.

Featuring lobster clasp closure, adjustable length

Measurements: 18″ – 19.5″ Down

Guaranteed Charm Necklace


Burgundy, Turquoise, Cream

Wondering which adornment will perfectly accent a strapless little black dress or a shimmering sheath? You’ll be good with this faceted faux gemstone statement necklace. With its marbled gemstones in pastel hues, this striking accessory will be the centerpiece of any ensemble while drawing attention to your smiling visage.

Featuring lobster clasp closure, adjustable length

Measurements: 15″ – 17″ Length

Gold Plate Leather Bracelet    


Black, Brown, White, Emerald

Delight the edgy side of your style by donning this gold-accent leather bracelet! Polished, yet fashionable, this shiny accessory makes an understated statement that always puts a smile on your face.

Featuring T-bar clasp closure, polished gold hardware

Measurements: 7″ Length

Bejewelled Ballet Flats


Black, Cream

Size 35 – Size 40

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

You know that if you’re wearing these glistening flats, a good time is sure to follow! Simple pointed-toe design with the eye-catching diamante details glams up any ensemble. The pairing possibilities are practically endless for these chic, versatile flats!

Made of Real Leather


Size 35: 8.75″ Insole

Size 36: 9″ Insole

Size 37: 9.25″ Insole

Size 38: 9.5″ Insole

Size 39: 9.75″ Insole

Size 40: 10″ Insole


For reference, Sheila stands at 1.6m, UK6

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