Preview>HH 192; Spring Indulgence

Easygoing Outdoor Dress
Colour: Mint Green, White, Black, Grey, Navy

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

A great-to-go dress that is suitable for all weathers! With its crew neck cut, you can place a statement necklace of oversized, beaded blooms or a simple chain necklace or pendant over and you’ll look perfect for any outing. Look neat and proper with a belt at waist and pair it with some arm accessories to spice this dress up. On top of that, this outfit will ensure comfort everywhere you go!

Featuring crew neck cut

Made of Jersey Cotton



 Pleats Vocation Skirt

Colour: Bue, Grey, Black, White, Orange


You crave the ease of a neutral hue, but you want a bit more sophistication, Pleats Vocation Skirt sure set you grinning all day. It is already a “Wear anywhere, do anything” fashion bottom. Set your evening chillin’ in this skirt for your casual plans out with pals. Its pleats will sure add some twist to your outfit. Tuck a classic or fitting tee into the waistband and set your feet into a comfy pair of pumps for any occasion!

Featuring pleat details

Made of Jersey Cotton



Delightful Cutout Top

Colour: Black, Red, Beige

Size:  S, M

When you’re looking for a chic and casual look, Delightful Cutout Top is the one you should go to.  Fusing simplicity and glamour, this versatile top is completed with an open cutout shoulder design at your shoulder.  Paired with your best skinny jeans and your delightful pair of flats, and achieve a fresh new style that will undoubtedly be admired!

Featuring cutout details at shoulder, front button closure, sleeveless cut

Made of  Polyester Blend



Neutral Attitude Cardigan

Colour: Light Grey, Dark Grey 

You’ll be in delight to be introduced to this cozy, lightweight and comfortable cardigan. On the days where you feel uninspired in your outfit, top it up with this cozy knitwear to start your day off! The effortless cardigan will definitely keep you warm. Its absolutely perfect for those casual days out or a cold chilly day in the lecture halls.

Featuring long sleeves, functional front button closure, 2 front pockets

Made of knit material



The Slightest Breeze Basic Tee

Colours:  White, Grey, Black, Brown, Wine 

Nobody’s wardrobe will miss out on basics. This basic tee is great for one of those picnics by the beach or some kite flying on a breezy day out in the field. Enjoy the touch of breeze in this tee as it’s soft and smooth to the touch, light and weather friendly under the heat.  Pair it with your preferred pair of shorts or a simple skater skirt.

Featuring crew neck cut, 1 side chest pocket

Made of  Cotton



Dolly Jolly Layered Skirt

Colours:  Emerald, Yellow, Black

Size: S, M

Bring out that cool girl chic in you with this Dolly Jolly Layered skirt which will definitely brighten up your day with its fluffy layers!  The crochet details at the waistband add a twist to this amazing bottom and enhance its feminine style.  Pair with basic tops, tank top or just a pair of beach sandals would be just as nice!

Featuring layered hem, lace details at waistband

Made of Chiffon



Blot of Dot Peterpan Collar dress

Colour:  Mustard, Cream, Black

Size: S, M 

You can take a girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl. With this unique peterpan collar and the polka dot prints, this is no ordinary or average collar dress for you! The polka dots sure add a sense of classic chic to your sophisticated style! Pair this with good and stable heels and watch others in awe as you strut it down the streets!

Featuring peterpan collar, polka dot prints

Made of Chiffon



Lady in Dots Maxi Dress

Colour: Mint, Mocha 

This maxi dress is unlike any other ordinary maxi in your wardrobe.  Its unique prints will set you looking great and sophisticated from afar! Be sure to get compliments from your pals as you don this over. It’s simply an easy and casual outfit. Sway in the tropics with this comfortable maxi dress. Be assured that you’ll definitely look cute with those dots all over you!  Pair it with some casual accessories at your wrist and you’re prepared to head out.

Featuring dotted prints, tie knot at shoulder, elastic waistband

Made of Cotton



Happy Thoughts Skater Dress 

Colour: White, Black, Grey, Wine, Blue 

This is absolutely not a dress to be missed! It poses such character and feminism when its worn. The ruffled details at the shoulder give you a demure image or impression to others! Look good and refine with its fitting cut and that exudes all the right curves needed. Pair it with a statement necklace or a long chain necklace. Alternatively, match it with a killer heel and you’re up and all set to be the limelight of any occasion!

Featuring ruffled details at shoulder

Made of Cotton



Style Refine Feminine Dress

Colour: Olive, Red, White 

Refine your feminine style with this absolutely lovely dress.  This dress has all it takes to bring you anywhere and for any occasion. It’s front details and the tie knot at the front adds to the finishing touches of this dress! The collar gives a smart casual image and style to the dress. Great for a sophisticated dinner date in the city with a pair of heels or wedge and a statement necklace would do well!

Featuring tie waistband, ¾ sleeve styling

Made of Chiffon



For reference, Model is UK 6/8, 167cm tall


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