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Basic Sleeveless Peplum Top

Burgundy, Black, Cream

Size S – Size L

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

Stand out in this gorgeous peplum top as it exudes such feminine style with its flare details at the bottom. Perfect for casual, work or even at a party. You can never go wrong with peplum tops as it brings out your personality wherever you go. There’s definitely more to this top than just what you think it is! Match this top with a simple solid coloured bottoms such as skinnies or just fitting jeans for a casual day out.

Featuring sleeveless cutting, peplum details at the bottom

Made of polyester-spandex blend


Size S: 14.5″ – 16″ Across, 12″ – 13.5 ” Waist, 24″ Down

Size M: 15.5″ – 17″ Across, 12.5″ – 14″ Waist, 25″ Down

Size L: 16.5″ – 18″ Across, 13″ – 14.5″ Waist, 26″ Down

5-26-3 6-4

Creative Aztec Dress

Black, White

Size S – Size L

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

The Aztec Pattern Fever never seem to die off so be blown away by how this dress will look on you! Be prepared for an edgy and chic look with this Creative Aztec Dress. The monochromatic colours compliment the Aztec patterns which gives your outfit a complete look. Go minimal on accessories as this dress has all it takes to just give you a refreshing and wholesome impression. Perfect for those detail and pattern lovers.

Featuring elastic waist band, sleeveless cut, twist cutout back design

Made of Polyester Cotton


Size S: 14.5″ – 15″ Across, 11.5″ – 16″ Waist, 32″ Down

Size M: 15.5″ – 16″ Across, 12″ – 17″ Waist, 32.5″ Down

Size L: 16.5″ – 17″ Across, 12.5″ – 18″ Waist, 33″ Down

1211-2 11-4

Duo – Tone Flowy Dress

Black/Grey, Navy/White, Brick Red/Navy

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

Doll yourself up in this fabulous dress which features such an interesting mix of duo tone colours which will definitely make this dress rather unique. The duo-tone colour will spice up your outfit instantly be it on a casual date or just an ordinary day. It comes in such versatile colours which are not to be missed. It exudes such class and elegance when worn and let the flow of this dress amaze you in every way as well as causing others to be stunned by what this dress can do to you!

Complete it with a long chain necklace or matching heels and you’re good to go.

Featuring duo tone colours, sleeveless cut, fit & flare cut, asymmetrical hem

Made of Jersey Cotton


14.5″ – 17″ Across, 12″ – 15″ Waist, 40″ – 42″ Down

2423 23-3

Eyecatcher Maxi Skirt

Burgundy, Black

Size S – Size L

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

This maxi skirt does wonders.  Not only does it add the finishing touches to your outfit, but it also adds character to it. It definitely creates a perfect union of such cuteness and fun.  You can go casual with this skirt for any occasion and simply match it with a plain simple top or top it up with a crop cardigan. This skirt will allow you casual plans out to shine with unique style.

Featuring concealed back-zip, attached inner shorts

Made of chiffon


Size S: 12.5″ – 13″ Across, 19″ – 19.5″ Hips, 36″ Down

Size M: 13″ – 13.5″ Across, 19.5″ – 20″ Hips, 36″ Down

Size L: 14″ – 14.5″ Across, 20″ – 20.5″ Hips, 36″ Down

99-4 10-210-4

Glamour On Me Skater Skirt 

Black, Gold, Midnight Blue 

Size S- Size L 

 Manufactured for Hollyhoque

This is truly a bottom not to be missed.  With its good quality material and eye catching colours, this skater skirt is nothing but class and glamour. Amazed others and even yourself by the flow of this skirt and the unique colours such as gold and midnight blue which will definitely make you stand out.  Go low and minimal details for the top so as to give the skirt contrast and let it shine with such beauty and feminism.  Let this skater skirt complete you with a ravishing look!

Featuring concealed back zip

Made of faux leather


Size S: 12.5″ – 13.5″ Across, 16″ Down

Size M: 13″ – 14″ Across, 16″ Down

Size L: 13.5″ – 14.5″ Across, 16″ Down

13-214 14-4

Simple Cut Dress

Black, Blue, Dusty Pink, Mint, Cream 

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

You’ll feel simply elegant when this dress is being worn. Feel more feminine with its V-shape neckline and waistband details as it gives this simple dress more shape and character. Wear it for a casual date or pair it with heels or wedges to boost its elegance and enhance your beauty with a long chain or pendant to bring out the best in this dress.

 Featuring a surplice overlap neckline, 2 side pockets

 Made of cotton


17″ – 20″ Across, 11.5″ – 20″ Waist, 30″ Down

22-219-2 1818-4

Smart Alec Slim Blazer 

Cream, Red

Size S – Size L 

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

This Blazer has all it takes to complete your everyday look with its clean cut edges and a very elegant cut. Its cut follows the body contours and as the name suggest, its slim and falls into shape when worn. Hence, it does not get in the way as its almost fitting. Its versatility is perfect for both casual, formal or smart casual. Simply pair this with a tank top or inner wear for this blazer to be more outstanding and elegant. Watch how this Blazer flaunts it’s amazing cut!

Featuring single button fastening, two functional side pockets, one non-functional flap pocket at chest, padded shoulder sleeve

Made of polyester with satin lining


Size S: 16″ – 17″ Across, 24″ Sleeves, 25.5″ Down (Front), 24″ Down (Back)

Size M: 17″ – 18″ Across, 24.5″ Sleeves, 26″ Down (Front), 24.5″ Down (Back)

Size L: 18″ – 19″ Across, 25″ Sleeves, 26.5″ Down (Front), 25″ Down (Back)

2-21 1-4

Studs Finest Dress

Black, Cream

Size S – Size L

 Manufactured for Hollyhoque

Catch the attention of everyone with this stunning dress with gold stud details.  The neatly lined stud does the trick in making this dress glamorous and adding a touch of sophistication.  Strut it in heels to be above ordinary or a simple pair of matching accessories and you’d be in awe by its result.

Featuring gold Studded details at shoulder, elastic waist band, flare cut at bottom

Made of polyester-spandex blend


Size S: 15″ – 17″ Across, 11.5″ – 17″ Waist, 32″ Down

Size M: 16″ – 18″ Across, 12″ – 17.5″ Waist, 33″ Down

Size L: 17″ – 19″ Across, 13.5″ – 18″ Waist, 34″ Down

17-417-3 1616-4

 Tie-Waist Sleeveless Tunic 

Black, Blue

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

This is definitely not a simple sleeveless top. Its ruffled details add charm to the neckline of this tunic, giving your shoulder area a sophisticated and edgy look. Go easy on this tunic on days that you wish to dress down.  Match it with a simple bottom or shorts or even leggings for a casual day out. This top sure has a balance of details and unique cutting both at the top and bottom of the tunic.

Featuring tie waist band, 2 droop side pockets

Made of Cotton

18″ – 20″ Across, 12″ – 30″ Waist, 27″ Down

77-3 88-4

For reference, Nicole stands at 1.55m, UK4/6

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