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Haute High Neckline Top 


White/Pink, White/Blue, Black/White, Teal/Cream

Size S, Size M, Size L

Show off your stylish smarts in this high neckline top! Finesse a fresh ensemble when you combine it with floral printed bottoms and a sharp shoulder tote.

Made of polyester cotton

Features functional buttons at back  


Size S: 16″-16.5″ Across, 24″ Down

Size M: 17″-17.5″ Across, 24.5″ Down

Size L: 18″-18.5″ Across, 25″ Down

IMG_4803_Web1 IMG_4820_Web2 IMG_4829_Web3 IMG_4911_Web6 IMG_4983_Web8

Easygoing Cutout Top


White, Black, Ox Blood, Blurple

Size S, Size M, Size L

Exclusively Manufactured for Hollyhoque

You ambition and on-the-ball attitude applies to more than your work ethic. Each time you don this top to the office, it is clear that those qualities are found in your fashion sense as well!

 Made of smooth pearl chiffon material and fully lined

Features cut-out details at shoulders. 


Size S: 19″-20″ Across, 23″ Down, 16″ Sleeves

Size M: 20″-21″ Across, 23″ Down, 16.5″ Sleeves

Size L: 21″-22″ Across, 23″ Down, 17″ Sleeves

IMG_4883_Web3 IMG_5201&5219_Web5 IMG_5260&5265_Web2 IMG_5283&5292_Web6

Pleating Grace Skorts


Navy, Cream

Exclusively Manufactured for Hollyhoque

 Your favourite flowered dress may not be ideal for road tripping but this flowy floral skorts surely is! Wear this with your favourite tee and bright coloured flats.

Made of smooth silk satin material, fully lined 

 Features elastic banding at back and side pockets


12.5″-16″ Across (Waist), 13.5″ Down, 18-“-19” Hips

IMG_4918_Web1 IMG_4929_Web3 IMG_4963&4982_Web4

Roseville Collared Dress 


Red, Navy, Cream

Size S, Size M

 Exclusively Manufactured for Hollyhoque

 This friendly floral frock is the life of your backyard party! Wear this with your favourite straw hat and feel pretty all day as you skip around the maypole.

 Made of soft Lycra material and fully lined

 Features adjustable collar, keyhole opening at front and elastic banded at waist.


Size S: 16″-17.5″ Across, 32″ Down

Size M: 17″-18.5″ Across, 33″ Down

IMG_5332_Web3 IMG_5340&5345_Web4 IMG_5367&5358_Web2 IMG_5405_Web5

 Styling Knit Top


White/Grey, White/Navy, White/Jade, White/Red

Exclusively Manufactured for Hollyhoque

 Let your outfit casually announce your presence with this distinct colour-block knit wear. Your quirky style will be ensured with a pair of denim short and ankle high boots!

 Made of knit material

 Features band details at sleeves end.


19″-23″ Across, 23″ Down, 16″ Sleeves

IMG_5027_Web1 IMG_5088_Web4 IMG_5100_Web4 IMG_5117_Web6 IMG_5139_Web8

Tulip Sleeves Peplum Top


Black, White

Exclusively Manufactured for Hollyhoque

Slipping into this top instantly lifts your mood on a Monday! Its ultra-slimming tulip sleeves and peplum silhouette makes you look effortlessly chic.

 Made of jersey cotton material

 Measurements: 15″-18″ Across, 24″ Down

IMG_5240_Web4 IMG_5242&5244_Web5 IMG_5311&5313_Web2 IMG_5316&5317_Web3

Sway Circle Skirt


Black, Blue, Rust Orange, Teal

 Exclusively Manufactured for Hollyhoque

 Every time you find yourself in front of your closet, clueless of what to wear, you know you can always rely on the Sway Circle Skirt. Whether you wear it day or night, choosing this flouncy skirt is surely one routine you’ll want to keep!

 Made of jersey cotton material

 Features elastic band at waist

 Measurements: 12″-15″ Across, 15″ Down

IMG_4836_Web4 IMG_5159&5169_Web2 IMG_5193&5197_Web5 IMG_5201&5219_Web6

Suave Collar Shirt


Cream, Jade

 Manufactured for Hollyhoque

 Build your style by starting with something simple like this 2 tone sleeveless shirt! Sport it alongside skinnies, a bright coloured blazer to add a pop of colour to your outfit!

Made of polyester material

Measurements: 16″-17″ Across, 23.5″ Down

IMG_5007_Web3 IMG_5062_Web4 IMG_5065_Web5

Lovely Fairytale Dress


Black/Black, Cream/Black, White/Blue

Size S, Size M, Size L

Exclusively Manufactured for Hollyhoque

Your friend’s wedding weekend called for a whirlwind of romantic ensembles and you saved one of your favourite pieces – this Lovely Fairytale Dress for the last. Put on some pearl accessories to complete this dainty look.

 Made of chiffon material and fully lined.

 Features rosette details and sweetheart neckline with pleat details at skirting


Size S: 12.5″-16″ Across, 28″ Down

Size M: 13.5″-17″ Across, 29″ Down

Size L: 14.5″-18″ Across, 30″ Down

IMG_4727_Web1 IMG_4747_Web3 IMG_4773_Web5 IMG_4784_Web6 IMG_4787_Web7

Scalloping Away with Love Multiway Bag


Jade, Black, Cream, Blue, Brown

Exclusively Manufactured for Hollyhoque

You’ll emanate charisma and earn the respect of your fellow fashionistas with this distinct, scallop trimmed bag. Use it as a clutch for a dinner date with your other half or clip on the optional shoulder straps for a day out shopping.

Made of faux leather material with tassel charm at the zip and comes with an optional shoulder strap.


11″ Across, 8″ Down, 3″ Depth


IMG_5059_Web4 IMG_5115_Web3  IMG_5259_Web2 IMG_5309_Web1

My Favourite Leather Bracelet


Black, Turquoise

Imported for Hollyhoque

A versatile double-loop piece that matches so well with anything and instantly draws attention to your wrist, this piece is so loved for its gold accents. Wear it with a statement dress, or simply pair it with your minimalist ensemble of tank and shorts.
Made of faux leather material with adjustable loops.
IMG_4873_Web2 IMG_4901_Web3
For reference, Liz stands at 1.63m, UK6/8

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