A Fashionista’s Confession > Junnie, 17

I would like to share my online shopping experience at Hollyhoque. It was from my sister’s purchases that I first got introduced to this very unique blogshop. I vividly remembered her purchasing a floral top and another top that can be worn in two ways. Both items were manufactured by Hollyhoque and I was impressed when I saw how excellent the cutting and design were. Even now, I still borrow these two tops from my sister sometimes! After that, I purchased a top from Hollyhoque and unsurprisingly, I loved it too. Each time after I shop at Hollyhoque, I would be eagerly waiting for my purchase to arrive and rip the parcel apart immediately. There has never been once when I was disappointed with something I bought. I can’t stress enough how perfect each and every item’s cutting and design is. 

Stripe Across Knit Top

 I would really like to give a thumbs-up for this piece, which is one of my favourite tops now. I usually wear it with a pair of shorts for a weekend out with friends. The wide scoop neckline enhances the collar bones and makes you look fantastic. The saying that horizontal stripes make you look fat is proven wrong by this top. When the weather is warm, I’ll push the sleeves up a little and the knit is also really comfortable and not too thick for Singapore’s weather. After mutiple times of wearing, the top is still in great condition. I wore this top to my friend’s housewarming party and a friend of mine complimented that it looked good. She also asked where I got some of my tops from, which are from Hollyhoque. I think since Hollyhoque does not hold backorders for some items, and cap their backorder slots to maintain exclusivitiy, there’s hardly a chance of wearing the same clothes with others on the streets!


Lace Element Spaghetti Top
Dark Blue

I bought this top from the Extras from Backorders post. I had wanted to purchase it when the collection was out but I was a tad slow and it was sold out by the time I got to it. I was so happy I still managed to get it in the end! This is a really sophisticated top. The straps are adjustable so I no longer have the trouble of them falling off my shoulders or having to put them back in place every now and then, which is very awkward. The flare at the bottom also makes this top perfect for attending a buffet! I really like the lace at the front. The lace is the same colour as the top which makes it not too striking and very pleasing to the eye. I wore this top out just a weekend ago with a crotchet vest. I love versatile tops like these, which can be matched in different ways to get entirely different looks! Although it is m-shaped, it is definitely not revealing. The side zip also makes it really easy to put on as I don’t have to squeeze into it like my other similar tops.

Button Front Ribbed Cotton Tanktop

This tank top is a staple in every girl’s wardrobe! I was hesitating whether to get it because I have tons of tanktops already, but I never regretted getting it in the end. Its cutting is perfect and it is the most ideal tank top to me. I have always wanted to buy a tank top of ribbed cotton because of its texture. It transforms the traditional tank top. I had been looking out for one for a long time and was elated when Hollyhoque released it as it was totally what I have been looking for. Its wide and squarish neckline never fails to have a slimming effect, and the ribbed cotton material is not too body hugging. The buttons at the front also make the whole top look less plain, not to mention the satin lining at the buttons area! You can unbutton the first button to make the top look more interesting or button it all up for a studious look. Finally, this tanktop is really comfortable to be in. Even in the our humid weather, I still feel good in it. Be it for a picnic, movie, barbeque, shopping, just pair it with the right bottoms and you will be good to go!

Dear Junnie, for your confession, you are entitled to a SGD4.50 discount applicable on your next purchase at http://www.hollyhoque.com! Simply forward our reply email to you (which will be affixed with the link of this confession) along with the payment for your next purchase to qualify! Thank you for participating in A Fashionista’s Confession!


Blogger’s Musings > 30102010

Hi babes!

Are you quite done with shopping our collection, Fall’s Melody, yet? If you are not, hop on over for a quick shopping right here! 😀

I have many favourites, one of which is the Sleeveless Pleat Front Ruffles Top (White, Black, Navy)! I love it for its simplicity, but at the same time, it’s also effortlessly classy and does not scrimp on the outlandish look one bit.


White, as seen on Sheila:

I am now the proud owner of the Sleeveless Pleat Front Ruffles Top (White, Navy), what about you? 🙂

A Fashionista’s Confession > LY, 24

Pleated Frills Sweetheart Tube Top

I told myself that this item is a “must-get” after stumbling upon its preview. I simply love the versatility of this top – pair it with shorts for a casual day out, or throw on a blazer for a corporate image.

Kudos, Hollyhoque!


Dear LY, for your confession, you are entitled to a SGD1.50 discount applicable on your next purchase at http://www.hollyhoque.com! Simply forward our reply email to you (which will be affixed with the link of this confession) along with the payment for your next purchase to qualify! Thank you for participating in A Fashionista’s Confession!

Preview > Hollyhoque Collection 92; Fall’s Melody

One Shoulder Rosette Top
Royal Blue,
 Powder Pink, Black, Poppy Pink

Hollyhoque Label

Be absolutely enchanted by this cute number, a top that you can’t resist wearing over and over again, especially when it can be worn two way front and back! We are loving how it is so versatile, you can pair it with either a plain skirt or your trusty denims, and still be able to paint the town red! Plus, the slight babydoll cutting conceals tummy! How about a rosette pin in your hair and multiple bangles on your wrist to play up the fun and flirty index?

Featuring horizontal ruches that accentuate bust and exquisite rosette details on strap. Made of stretchable light weight lycra material.


Powder Pink, as seen on Sheila (with Lynn):

Royal Blue, as seen on Sheila (with J):

Our Picks ♥ Sheila in Royal Blue, Powder Pink

Lace-Kissed Shoulders Button Down Top
White, Grey, Navy

Hollyhoque Label

Behold, working ladies. It’s been quite awhile since you come across such a unique button down top, how often it is that you get to reveal your well-endowed shoulders insidiously, and get away with it? The lace frames your shoulders in a way no other material would, plus, you can either tug the top in your work bottoms or tie it up for a touch of fun during your dress-down days. This button down top will ensure that you look smart chic and lovingly professional in it, trust us on that! Wear it loose fit or tie up the shirt ends for a night of partying!

Featuring three quarter sleeves, lace at shoulder, functional buttons and tie front and cuffed sleeves. Made of cotton.


Our Picks ♥ Sheila in White

Ripped Web Knit Throwover
White, Dusty Jade, Blurple, Black, Navy

Hollyhoque Label

What’s not to like about this piece, with its flattering cut and unique outlook? We are heads over heels with the combination of knit and throwover, perfect for those much dreaded I-feel-fat-days. Otherwise, we deem this throwover to come just useful for a dress-down Friday or a laid back weekend! We can so imagine ourselves chilling with a few friends at a coffee establishment, while they marvel at our fashion sense! Be the bold and daring, start your wardrobe on an entirely different note today, we are sure you have to have a colour of this throwover for your basics – tank and spaghetti tops and dresses, to exude a totally different aura!

Featuring wide scoop neckline and slightly banded at hem. Made of stretchable intricate ripped knit.


Blurple, as seen on Sheila (with owners of The Nail Status and J):

Our Picks ♥ Joyce in White and Navy, Sheila in Blurple and Black

Foursome Buttons Wrap Cardigan
Cream, Grey, Navy, Black

Hollyhoque Label

Encompassing one of the most feminine cut for a wrap cardigan, this outerwear will definitely be a worthy investment for it will last long and good as your best companion. Showcase the best of both worlds with a wrap cardigan, with its cutesy get-together that will surely melt the hearts of many! A basic in itself, this wrap cardigan is so versatile we reckon coveting a colour of two of this wouldn’t hurt!

Featuring unique low v neckline, two mini pockets at sides, slightly banded at sleeves and four horizontal functional buttons at hem. Made of excellent knit.


Our Picks ♥ Joyce in Navy, Sheila in in Cream, Grey, Sharon in Cream, Grey, Navy, Black

Crochet Kimono Top
Navy, White, Grey

Hollyhoque Label

Not one girl on earth can get enough of kimono tops, really, especially one with such a delish outlook that is totally hard to come by. Turn heads wherever you go, you will be amazed how a refined top like this one ensures that you get the right attention. A plus point that you can easily match and mix this piece with your three-quarter pants, or your bandage skirt, if you wish!

Featuring crochet neckline, batwing sleeves, slightly smocked at back and comes with complimentary matching full length tube as pictured. Made of chiffon.


White, as seen on Sheila (with Lynn):

Our Picks ♥ Sheila in White

Belted Ruffles Front Cuff Sleeves Top
Grey, Navy

Hollyhoque Label

Skip home from school or work when you don on this top, the ruffles and cuff sleeves stand out enough in wanting to make you to! This top is our number one choice if we want to appear demure and succinctly well-dressed. We feel this piece to be best complemented with high waist bottoms, or even a simple pencil skirt with a slit at the back. Show off your charm in this top and don’t forget your megawatt smile to captivate your audience! A top most suitable for the office ladies!

Featuring unique neckline, three quarter cuff sleeves, comes with detachable black satin sash as pictured and belt hoops to deter the sash from slipping. Made of soft cotton that is comfortable on the skin.


Sleeveless Pleat Front Ruffles Top
Black, Navy

Hollyhoque Label

Discard your idea of formal wear being boring right this instance. Not anymore, not with this lovely and chic top, that looks good whether paired with mono tone skirts or denims alike! Pull on a casual top like this one instead of your usual prim and proper blouses. It’s wonderful for smart casual events too, when coupled with stunning footwear. Wear it with a belt cinched at your waist if it pleases you!

Featuring semi-mandarin collar, chiffon ruffles at front and functional buttons. Made of stretchable polyester cotton.


Our Picks ♥ Sharon in White and Navy

Blogger’s Musings > 23102010

Have you joined the backorders for our latest collection yet?

Well, if you have to opt for one item to join backorder for, I think, it has got to be Buttons Line Up High Waist Shorts! For those of you who are interested, here’s a close up shot, with the buttons and zip undone:

I have the shorts in all 3 colours and I’m loving them! I wore the navy one out yesterday and I feel it’s such a nice bottom to play mix and match with. I paired it with a white top for the lazy weekend!

You may wish to gauge your size with reference to mine; I’m a Levis 26 (loose fit) and I’m wearing Size S/ UK6 (perfect fit).

The backorders (Button Cuff Sleeves Top, Buttons Line Up High Waist Shorts)  for Hollyhoque Collection 91; Corporate Casual Mix will close on 27 October 2010 @ 2359 hours, or earlier, when all slots are filled. Do join quick if you are interested! Click right here to be navigated. 😀

Launch > What’s Available/Extras from Backorders – ALL SOLD except Schoolgirl Knit Dress (Navy)

All items are now SOLD, except School Girl Knit Dress (Navy). Thank you for the overwhelming support and stay tuned to our next update, coming your way early next week! 😀 

Please send an email to sales@hollyhoque.com if you are interested in the items from our What’s Available/Extras from Backorders in the following format:

Item(s) of interest > $X

Alternative item(s), if any:
Enquiries, if any:

and a reply/invoice will be sent to you shortly. If you do not receive a reply/invoice within 24 hours, it would mean that the item(s) you are interested in is/are pending/sold (as stocks are extremely limited – down to the last 1 to 3 pieces) by the time we reached your email.

Do note that prices are inclusive of local postage charges, but exclusive of registered article charges (+$2.24) and certificate of posting charges (+$0.20).

Happy shopping! 😀


Monroe Rara Waist Skirt > $12
Matt Gold

Exclusively Manufactured by Hollyhoque

11.5 – 14.5″ Across, 17″ Down

X Of structured cotton material

X Elastic at back of waist

X Neat pleat details at front

X A definite head turner!

Tie Front Flirty Dinner Dress > $14
Peach Cream

16″ Across, 33″ Down

X Of great chiffon material, fully lined

X Adjustable tie front details

X Slightly smocked at waist for good fitting

Hollyhoque Collection 71

Mermaid Structured Pleated Bodice Tube Dress > $16

Hollyhoque Label

Made of structured cotton, features pleats near the waist, banded at back, side zip for easy wearing and can even fit up to a (big) UK10 or (small) UK12!

Hollyhoque Collection 72

ASOS Inspired Ruched Front Tube Skorty Romper > $20
Light Grey

Made of matte satin, this ruched front tube romper comes in three lovely colours.

The pleated front accentuates the bust and the smocked back relishes a better fit.

This skorty romper also comes with a concealed side zip for easy wearing.

This fuss free romper can bring you from day to night with ease!

Hollyhoque Collection 73

Checkered Neckline Top > $21

Hollyhoque Label

A comfortable and inimitable top, the checkered neckline that is oh so outstanding it’s easily Sheila’s favourite of the lot and the yummy colours are especially picked out by her! This back to school basic top can also double up as a work top when paired with your high waist pencil skirt and kitten heels!

Hollyhoque Collection 74

Lace Insert Satin Dress > $18
Blue, Champagne (Picture unavailable)

Lace inserts are all the rage now! Look elegant in this dress, and win that major client over at the presentation in the meeting room. Do remember to complement this dress with a blazer to be absolutely corporate chic.

Features intricate lace details, elastic band at the back and comes with side zip for easy wearing.

This number is a perfect day to night outfit when we need to meet that special someone we have been longing to see all day, be it after school or after work. He will be so touched to see you go through lengths to dress up for him!

Hollyhoque Collection 76

High Power Girl Blazer > $24
Navy/White, White/Navy

Hollyhoque Label

Chuck your idea aside if you think blazers are only necessities to the office ladies! Especially not this blazer, it accessorizes an otherwise plain outfit to the brim and also functions as your life saviour in the cold! All these, in addition to feeling chic and smart, how about that? This is one such lovely outerwear that is a definite must-have for every trend-setting girl.

Featuring structured quality thick cotton that is soft to the touch, duo colour trims for collars and non-functional buttons at side.

Hollyhoque Collection 77; Whims and Fancies

Lace Overlay Buckle Front Cardigan > $23

Hollyhoque Label

Entice your beau with this beauty, a subtle sexiness we promise. The intricate lace overlay are so feminine you cannot resist fingering it all over. Wow your girlfriends at the next gathering, turn up all pristine looking and throw this cardigan over in those air-conditioned high-end eateries for that extra oomph!

Featuring thick quality cotton, matching colour lace overlay, cut out at hem for the edgy look and hidden buckle.

Hollyhoque Collection 78; Sunny Side Up

Diamond Dazzle Cutout Dress > $16

Hollyhoque Label

A piece inspired from Gossip Girl, it’s been sometime since such a well-designed dress like this one appears before our eyes. Oh what a sweetie this dress portrays, with its diamond cutout that dazzles the crowd. It makes it absolutely wonderful that this dress comes in a forgiving and astounding A-lined bottom which is totally irresistible!

Featuring stretchable structured material, elastic band at back, toggle opening at back of collar and comes with a side zipper for easy wearing.

Hollyhoque Collection 79; My Girly Poise

Flora Embroidery Tube Dress > $18

Hollyhoque Label

Imagine your delight in this number, a marvelous presentation that shrouds your overall outlook, a chance for you to showcase your dress sense. Throw this on for a weekend afternoon tea session together with your girl friends; they are bound to ask you for its source we assure! Your boyfriend will be awed and captivated with eyes only on you. Be different from the rest, clothe yourself with elegance and linger the socialite aftertaste. Every girl ought to have at least a colour of this dress.

Featuring unique smocked details, slight pleats at bust, elastic band under bust and back, exquisite, intricate embroidery details and comes with a side zipper for easy wearing. Inner lined, not sheer.

Puff Sleeves Crop Knit Cardigan > $22
Black, Grey

Hollyhoque Label

This cardigan is a must-have! The different but distinct hues make it easy to be matched with almost anything and everything in your closet. Throw it over your tube/spaghetti tops/dresses when the weather turns chilly, or hang it loosely round your neck when the temperature rises.

Featuring quality knit, ¾ puff sleeves and comes with smocked details for better fit.

Our Picks ♥ Sheila in Black and Grey

Hollyhoque Collection 80; An Affair with Satin

Duo Tone Tie Waist Satin Dress > $22
White/Navy, Champagne/Pink

HollyHoque Label

This number comes in hues so rich they are hard to resist as each colour has a story of its own to tell! This summer, its play dress-up time again, from the complimenting shades to the adjustable tie strings at waist that zaps any hint of boredom lurking in this dress straight down to zero. Cast the trust on us, we all need a flattering piece like this one when our moment arrives. Strut it off, the crowd may just shower you with all the attention you have ever wished for.

Featuring satin, slight pleats at bust and elastic band at back. Not sheer.

Hollyhoque Collection 81; Taipei Tales

Cropped ¾ Puff Sleeves Shrug > $23
Almond, Black

Specially imported (from Taipei) by Hollyhoque

This snug fit shrug is your solution to all the important presentations in school, or the meetings you are trying your best to shine. Match it with your pencil skirt to appear feminine, or your pants for an entirely different charisma! You will want more than a colour of this shrug, trust us!

Featuring thick knit cotton material, embossed dotted fabric and functional buttons down.

Hollyhoque Collection 82; Summer Affection

School Girl Knit Dress > $25

Hollyhoque Label

Run afoul to streetwear and clad yourself in this simple yet adorable number! Take a spy on this dress pretty please? We are mighty sure you can’t get enough of it! This dress will take you comfortably from shopping trips to dinner dates, throw it on, pair it with the right accessories and off you go!

Featuring stretchable knit of excellent quality, exquisite knit details and slight pleats at skirt.

Pleats Overdose Tube Top > $19.50
White, Blue

Hollyhoque Label

Ooh, scream with us at the arrival of a lovely design like this one! A definite headturner, we look to this piece for effortless style! Pair this top with your bandage skirt to flaunt your endless legs or tuck it into your tailored shorts for that cool feel.

Featuring lycra, assymetrical pleat details, band under chest to accentuate bust, elastic band at back and side zip for easy wearing.

Butterfly Flutter Lace Sleeves Top > $22

Hollyhoque Label

Ever dream to change your image to that of a conservative next-door-girl? You can, with this top! We love how comfortable it is, the most suitable top for lazy dress down days! Not to omit, this top also pulls together the look, be it for work or play! The lace flutter sleeves definitely add a feminine touch to the tres chic design! We reckon it to be best paired with shorts or A Line Pocket Skirt (Hollyhoque Label).

Featuring stretchable cotton rayon and lace flutter sleeves.


Our Picks ♥ Sheila in Black, Navy, Jade, White, Grey

Lady Chiffon Sleeves Top > $22

Hollyhoque Label

We welcome a top like this one to our brimming wardrobe, for the simple reason that it’s so versatile and wearable on different ocassions! Rejoice in simple accessorizing, like a flower pin in your hair and sky high stilettos, and you are more than ready to hit the street!

Featuring stretchable lycra and chiffon for sheer area, row of non-functional buttons at back and elastic band at hem of sleeves that can be ruched up for puff effect.

A Line Pocket Skirt > $22.50

Hollyhoque Label

This skirt has got edginess decorating it, and is fabulously suitable for the workplace. It’s so staple we are head over heels on the countless permutations on what it can be matched with. Don on the corporate image with a simple button down shirt or delight in fun and laughter with a casual top. A long necklace, or dangling earrings, it’s your call while the onlookers admire!

Featuring quality blazer-like cotton, functional side pockets, smock at back for good fit and functional side pockets.

Hollyhoque Collection 83; Heart Basics

Braid My Top > $20

Hollyhoque Label

This has got to be one of the most flattering tops ever, we kid you not. It’s something more than your usual boring spaghetti top, look at it and be totally mesmerised by the unique factor, we will you. A picture perfect top for those camwhoring sessions, sure to win compliments wherever you go!

Featuring lycra, happy summer colours, cross front braided straps that accentuate the shoulders and smock at back for good fit.

Ruche Front Spaghetti Top > $22
Dark Grey

Hollyhoque Label

Ooh, I am so in love with this top! Which one of us can resist the gorgeous ruche details that accentuate the bust, especially for the less endowed girls? If you are looking for a top that flatters your figure, I say, go for this one, it has all its quintessential factors to fulfill your stringent criteria! Be it a picnic by the beach, a cycling trip or walking your baby dog, this top puts you at the forefront of fashion!

Featuring lycra, v neckline and smock at back for better fit.

V Front Grecian Top > $23
Yellow, Black
Hollyhoque Label

Perfect for any occasions, this top encompasses a flattering cut or so we think! The cheery summer colours are to die for, one colour ought not to be enough! How about pairing this top with your denim shorts for a casual day out flying kites, or tucked it into your bandage skirt to up your corporate instinct endlessly?

Featuring soft and flowy Japanese cotton, V neckline, pleats at front to accentuate bust, cross back design and smock at back for easy wearing.

Hollyhoque Collection 84; Season Turbulence

Lace Trim Button Front Dress > $24
Grey, Navy, Crean

Hollyhoque Label

Parade in this lovely dress and watch while your crowd gapes in envy! An irresistible number not to be missed, pair it with a mini tiara in your hair. How about matching it with the cute cardigan you recently acquired? A pair of flats and a clutch, you should so captivate and enchant with your princess look. Otherwise, Joyce thinks this piece to be good for school days too!

Featuring linen, flutter sleeves, functional buttons at front, elastic band at back and comes with side zip for easy wearing.

Hollyhoque Collection 86 Part I; Casual Fling

V Slit Neckline Duo Tone Top > $23.50

Hollyhoque Label

Live the dream of an artist with the loveliest colour concoctations of this top so sweet, so demure, so dainty, you immediately know you lem for at least one when you see it. You may be seen in it on casual weekends out, movie marathon sessions and shopping trips! Look cute and flirty when paired with a mini skirt, lots of bangles and a pair of clogs!

Featuring unique v neckline, smock at back and ruches to accentuate bust. Made of very stretchable Japanese rayon cotton.

Rampant Ruches Spaghetti Top > $22.50
Coral Blue, Navy, White

Hollyhoque Label

Be spoilt for choice over the cheery colours this top comes in! A basic top like this one is definitely here to stay for a long time, so grab it before it’s gone! Pair the top with a pair of monotone shorts for a casual day out, or spruce it up with a chic hairdo, corporate wear with a blazer over for work. Two looks for the price of one, who wouldn’t want this sweet top, tell me?

Featuring smock at back, ruches at straps and ruches at bust and m neckline enhances bust. Made of very stretchable Japanese cotton.

Hollyhoque Collection 86 Part II; Seamstress Interest

Skip to Work Puff Sleeves Top – $23

Hollyhoque Label

Be a statue of poise in this work top. We love how it is formal but not too over the top. Up your fashion sense quotient in this top made to perfect cut, it all depends what and how you match and mix it with. A pair of tailored pants and your prized watch and you are ready for your weekly meeting, or a black bandage skirt and wedges for a dress down Friday. An easy to match top, it can even double up as an outerwear! Versatility is key and now, you have the key to unlock the lock. What are you waiting for?

Featuring puff sleeves with functional buttons at ends and functional buttons at front. Made of slightly stretchable denim.

Layered Shoulder Ruffles Top > $22.50
Black, Turquoise, White

Hollyhoque Label

This top is a must-have for it’ll give a chance to all the bottoms in your closet to come out to play! It’s your best friend on those I have nothing to wear days, yet it doesn’t pass as another boring top that you can do without! With the layered ruffles at shoulders, it’s really like a rainbow in the blue sky that lights up everyone’s eyes! A basic and good for dress down days, pair it with your high waist shorts, denim jeans or skirts and be ready to paint the town red!

Featuring ruffles at sleeves and slight pleats at front. Made of cotton. White is slightly sheer under strong lightings.

Hollyhoque Collection 87; Fashion Spy

Rosette Corset Polka Dot Toga Dress > $26

Hollyhoque Label

This dress reeks of classiness, flatters the collar bones, and its fabulous cut really had us sold. We love everything about it, from the one shoulder, the detachable dainty rosette corset that will evince all the femininity to the cutesy polka dots. Definitely one of its kind, style this dress up with a hair pin, peep toe heels and your favourite hand carrier. Now, if you still need one more reason to go for this dress, think of all the dinners you have to attend, the parties you scurry all over to be the best dressed, and you’ll be certain that it’s never too late to own a mind-blowing piece like this one for those emergency get-ups!

Featuring m-shape at bust, pleats to accentuate bust, elastic band at back and comes with a side zip for easy wearing. Fully lined, not sheer. Made of chiffon.

Pleat Front Crochet Lace Tiered Dress > $26
White, Daffodil Yellow, Dusky Blue

Hollyhoque Label

This number is uber sweet and dolly, you ought to have at least a colour for it melted our hearts the moment we set our eyes on it! We are head over heels with the peek-a-boo crochet/lace adorning the skirting of this dress, and the crochet/lace hem adds an ultimate bonus to it definitely! How about pleats at the bust for some structure too? Ooh, this dress is so picture perfect we can’t believe it! Depending on your personality, go for White for a swig of innocence, Daffodil Yellow for some summer aura or Dusky Blue for versatility!

Featuring m-shape at bust, pleats to accentuate bust, intricate crochet/lace details, elastic band at back and comes with a side zip for easy wearing. Fully lined, not sheer. Made of textured cotton.

Lace Element Spaghetti Top > $22.50
Light Blue, Black

Hollyhoque Label

We welcome the arrival of casual tops, especially so when they are hard to come by! This fun and flirty piece spells girly chic, and let you be the baby doll everyone loves! Our soft spots are once again attacked when we spot the hem, yes? Pair this top with your denim shorts, deck on those sunnies, a feodora hat and let that beach hunk drool all over! Otherwise, you may opt to tuck this top in a bandage skirt, throw on your blazer and the board meeting’s yours to impress!

Featuring adjustable straps, m-shape at bust, exquisite lace details at bust and sides, elastic band at back, and comes with a side zip for easy wearing. Not sheer. Made of linen cotton.

Hollyhoque Collection 88; Crochet Lace Quotient

Water Colour Splash Dress > $25.50
Grey, Turquoise

Hollyhoque Label

Appear special and sophisticated in this number, with the oh so gorgeous prints like no other! This sizzling piece in the most flattering cut ever is bound to keep your audience in tow, we say. We love how the prints remind us of water colours being splashed in the most amazing way ever, over an otherwise boring piece of fabric! Cinch this dress with a black weaved belt and throw on a blazer, you won’t look too over for work. Change into those killer stilettos for a night of party fun or chill over a drink or two with your girlfriends! Let your imaginations run wild, this dress is to serve that purpose!

Featuring chiffon, m-shape bust, ruched at bust, smock at back and comes with adjustable straps for better fit. Fully lined, not sheer.

Rara Skirting Work Dress > $25

Hollyhoque Label

Who commented that work wear has to be boring? Not us! Play it your way with this dress adorning rara skirting, and stand out from your counterparts! The whole get up is pleasing to the eye, with the puff sleeves and rara skirting desire to add the right touch of feminine to your corporate image. How about matching it with a pair of diamonte earrings, a vintage watch and strapy heels on a work day?

Featuring cotton, puff sleeves, functional buttons at front, belt hoops with detachable tie ribbon, elastic band at back for good fitting and comes with side zip for easy wearing.

Mesh 3/4 Puff Sleeves Top > $22.50

Hollyhoque Label

This top is what we fondly dub, the basic with a twist. Seriously, what’s not to like about it with all its knick knacks, its mesh details for a peek-a-boo effect, puff sleeves and draw strings at hem of top? So comfortable on the skin, simply pair it with a plain bottom and you are good to go!

Featuring cotton, mesh details, 3/4 sleeves, elastic band at hem of sleeves for puff effect and drawstrings at hem of top to conceal buldges.

Crochet Lace Symphony Top > $23.50
Royal Blue, Salmon, Black
Hollyhoque Label

Admit it, we all need a lovely top like this one for those lazy to dress up days. With a delightful sprinkle of crochet and lace all over, which girl wouldn’t be head over heels with this piece? We adore everything about it, in fact. A perfect one to go with your denims and what nots, be sure to go easy with the accessories!

Featuring exquisite and intricate crochet cut out details, elastic band under bust, double lined at bust, lace trimmings at hem, slightly sheer at bodice and comes with side zip for easy wearing.

Hollyhoque Collection 89; Frolick in the Sun

Assymetrical Lace Chiffon Skirt > $23.50

Hollyhoque Label

We are all in love with short, flirty skirts, yes? Channel the right spirit with this delectable creation, with its assymetrical lace details that will surely have you bowled over. A worthy point to note, the slight smock at back goes a long way in enhancing your slim waistline. Another plus point, give all the basic tops in your wardrobe a go with a skirt like this, that completely outshines whichever top you may wish to pair it with. Flats, heels or wedges, it’s your call but they all go superbly well with this number for sure!

Featuring assymetrical lace details, slight smock at back and comes with a side zipper for easy wearing. Fully lined. Made of lace and chiffon (advised to be worn over nude undies).

Puff Sleeves Tulip Hem Cardigan > $21

Hollyhoque Label

The weather has recently took a turn for the chilly and we reckon it’s the best time to bring this baby in! We like how versatile it can be and were screaming over the colours to have for they match perfect with any top we ever owned. Like a cherry topping a sundae, this cardigan is the fierce competition you are inviting to the outerwear compartment of your wardrobe. A good staple to arm yourselves with in the lecture halls, libraries and movie theatres, we know you will need more than a colour of this cardigan!

Featuring puff sleeves, tulip hem at sleeves for the royal princess effect, functional side pockets and function buttons at front. Made of knit of excellent quality.

Zebra Crossing Stripe Knit Top > $23

Hollyhoque Label

If this top doesn’t qualify as one of your must-haves, we don’t know what does. Step into the wonderful cut of this knit top, bound to be your #1 essential onyour dress down days. Throw it over a pair of denim shorts, or your trusty pair of jeans and you are more than ready to breeze through the day in the comfiest attire. We are as head over heels as you being spoilt for choice with the myraid of colours presented to us!

Featuring boat neckline, functional buttons at cuffs and band at hem to conceal tummy. Made of knit of excellent quality.

A Fashionista’s Confession > WeeSan, 20

Spiral Ruffles Spaghetti Dress

I have a thing for ruffles lately and the design of this dress caught my eye instantly! I had a hard time choosing the colours because all of them looked pretty! This dress is so versatile as I can wear it alone for a dinner date, or simply pair it with a cardigan for work.

School Girl Knit Dress

This dress is a love at first sight for me when I first saw it during its preview! I had a hard time choosing the colours for this dress as well, and by the time I decided on one, it was sold out. I joined the backorder and I have to wait for a few months but I did not regret it at all. The knit material and cutting of this dress is fabulous. It’s perfect for work when paired with a blazer, or just wear it alone on a weekend date with your girlfriends.

Dear WeeSan, for your confession, you are entitled to a SGD3 discount applicable on your next purchase at http://www.hollyhoque.com! Simply forward our reply email to you (which will be affixed with the link of this confession) along with the payment for your next purchase to qualify! Thank you for participating in A Fashionista’s Confession!

A Fashionista’s Confession > YT, 24

 Chiffon Ruffles Toga Dress

I have done up a review here in the hope of showing my appreciation and satisfaction towards Hollyhoque. You girls have been doing a great job so way to go!

I am indeed loving ALL the details that are found in this dress, the chiffon ruffles which exude femininity, the stretchable material which flatters the figure and absolutely comfortable to don on, and it being a toga simply adds on to that chic factor. I have a penchant for outfits which is easy to throw on yet allows me to look effortlessly polished, like this one!

I’m beginning to bemoan the amount I’ll be investing in Hollyhoque’s future self-manufactured designs since this toga dress proves to be more than a satisfactory purchase!  

Dear YT, for your confession, you are entitled to a SGD1.50 discount applicable on your next purchase at http://www.hollyhoque.com! Simply forward our reply email to you (which will be affixed with the link of this confession) along with the payment for your next purchase to qualify! Thank you for participating in A Fashionista’s Confession!

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Hollyhoque Collection 91; Corporate Casual Mix

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